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Install a Sliding Patio Door

Install a Sliding Patio Door

This is a step by step guide to installing a patio door to an existing house wall.

A patio door can open a house onto a decking area or just a normal outside area, provide a great outdoor view, let more light into your home and easy access to the back garden.

To install a patio door follow these tips:-

1) Choose a structurally sound location

2) Do not choose an area which is more than 4 feet from any corner

3) Turn of the electrics and also your water supply (to the wall you are installing the patio door)

4) Remove any obstructions on the interior door

5) Refer to the doors included “guideline installations specification” for the dimensions -(the opening of the door will be slightly wider than the door frame.  The extra space allows for squaring the frame)

6) Mark cut lines running all the way to the ceiling (the interior wall above will be removed to build the header).

7) Remove the wall board, insulation, and relocate any wiring or piping – framing studs will also have to be removed to allow room for the new door so install temporary studs from floor to ceiling to floor.

8) Install the header at the top of the opening, the thickness should equal the thickness of the framing studs.

9) Use nails to fasten each end to full studs.

10) Once you have revealed the bare brick, use a masonry saw, demolition hammer, or circular saw with a diamond blade to open the wall – gradually expand the hole but keep the bricks intact to reuse around the frame of the installed door.

11) Install a steel lintel above the frame flush with the top course, even with the header – mortar into place.

12) At this point, you may need somebody to help you install the frame of the door.

13) Drive nails through the flange into the trimmer stud and fasten to the header – make sure sides are level.

14) Install the panels according to the manufacturer’s instructions – hardware and parting stops will be included.

15) Make sure the rollers are centered on the sill guide and that they ride smoothly.

16) Fill any exposed cavities with insulation.

17) Add new wallboard and trim boards to the interior.

18) Finish the project by using the retained bricks along the side of the doorframe using mortar.

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